joewithlabcoatDr. Joseph Hylinski

Dr. Joseph Hylinski is a native of Philadelphia and graduated from St. Joseph’s University. He did further study at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine and graduated with a DPM – Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He did his residency in foot surgery at the Hospital of PCOM. Dr Hylinski has been in private practice in Philadelphia. He is Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Surgery and had been the Chief of the Podiatry Division at Roxborough Memorial Hospital  for over 27 years.

He is married and he and his wife Barbara reside in Blue Bell, Montgomery County, PA. Dr. Hylinski’s other passions include golf, bowling, traveling, voice acting and competing every night at Jeopardy with his wife. He has been a Board Member of the Lupus Foundation of Philadelphia and has been involved with the Gift of Life Program because of his wife’s successful kidney transplant for the past 25 years. He has also been on the Board of Directors of the Padre Pio Prayer Group.

His Toenail collection has been seen by the David Letterman staff and his practice has been mentioned on the Conan O’Brien Show by Tina Fey whose uncle had been a regular patient.

Our mission is to provide quality affordable foot care house calls in Montgomery and surrounding counties. Dr. Hylinski is a recently retired (2014) podiatrist and foot surgeon who is returning to practice to fill the need for quality affordable foot care at home.

This is accomplished by combining almost 40 years of foot care experience; surgical sterility and affordable pricing. We are able to do this by eliminating the middleman – the insurance companies. We accept no insurances (even Medicare) and our fees are payable in only cash, check or credit card. Our goal was to be able to charge less than $100. per house call (it is now $85). Our target audience is not only the patients who are unable to care for their feet and can’t get into the office but also the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews who would have to take a 1/2 day or full day off from work just to bring your loved ones in the office.

When I was in full time practice I had to stop making house calls, even for those who needed it, due to time considerations.  Actually, foot & nail care is not covered by most insurances companies unless you have diabetes, peripheral neuropathy (pain or numbness) or peripheral vascular disease (poor circulation).

If you are able to get in to see your foot doctor and use your insurance by all means go in and use it, but if the convenience of staying in your home is important and you need foot care – we are for you.